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We invest in people and ideas with the intention to contribute to measurable, positive social and environmental impact alongside financial returns

Food & Agriculture

As the world population continues to grow, much more effort and innovation is urgently needed to create a sustainable and secure food system. We see challenges in the agricultural production, global supply chain, food losses and waste and to ensure that all who are suffering from hunger and malnutrition have access to nutritious food. We need to be more local self-sufficient to avoid unnecessary transportations. We need to change the way we use our resources to tackle the climate change and we need to restore our land and soil. There are many people in the international community that believe it is possible to eradicate hunger within the next generation and so do we. (UN SDG)


Animal welfare

Tens of billions of animals are raised in terrible conditions in factory farms before being killed for human consumption every year. We want to improve their lives. We want to be part of putting animal protection at the heart of global decision-making, and see how protecting animals benefits the economy, the environment, food production and social stability. (World animal protection)


Renewable energy and energy storage has a major effect on how we will face the climate change. Ensuring access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all will create  new opportunities for billions of people, especially for the ones living in developing countries. Access to energy will create new jobs, empower women, children and youth, better education and health, more sustainable, equitable and inclusive communities, and greater protections from, and resilience to, climate change. (UN SDG)

Water & Sanitation

Billions of people still lack safe water, sanitation and handwashing facilities. More efficient use and management of water are critical to addressing the growing demand for water, threats to water security and the increasing frequency and severity of droughts and floods resulting from climate change. (UN SDG)

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