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We are extremely proud to be part of the following companies. Each and one of them has a unique possibility to change the world by adding sustainability, smartness and courage


PulPac provides a groundbreaking manufacturing technology for low-cost, high-performance fiber-based packaging and single-use products. By pioneering the technology of cellulose molding we enable our customers to replace single-use plastics with a sustainable and cost competitive alternative globally.

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Amferia has invented a new antimicrobial hydrogel that targets, binds, and rapidly kills upto 99.99% of bacteria including resistant bacteria. The hydrogel is made of amphiphilic antibacterial polymers that is inspired from the immune system and has proven to be safe for the body. This material can be configured into antimicrobial medical devices ranging from wound care dressings, antiseptic sprays to mechanically durable devices such as catheters and implants, for human and animal care. 


The reliable Biodigester solution. is a prefabricated modular biodigester package that includes a full suite of biogas appliances and connections. Easy to install and use, our patented high-efficiency biodigesters take organic waste and transform into renewable biogas and a powerful organic fertilizer. We work with smallholder farmers to address the challenges of poverty, food security and climate change.

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A Swedish foodtech company and one of Europe's leading producers of seaweed and today has its ocean farms off the coast of the Swedish town Fjällbacka. The company wants to start a blue revolution and today cultivates the products Sugar kelp and Sea lettuce, where the raw material is used primarily as a climate-friendly seasoning and nutritional booster in food. In addition to the food segment, seaweed can also be used as a sustainable ingredient in, animal feed, bioplastics and skin care. Cultivated seaweed approximately absorbs 145 kg CO2e per tonne and contributes to reduced eutrophication in the areas cultivated.

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Generation Waste was founded in 2018 by Daniel Oddhammar. Generation Waste reduces food waste in private and public kitchens. Through analysis, training, and a digital measurement tool, we develop our customer´s sustainability work and increase profitability. With the help of our application Less Waste, our users easily add weight from the weighted food waste using a smartphone or tablet. Increased awareness of what is being thrown away and how much waste is generated from different activities reduce the amount of catering waste. Generation Waste´s vision is to change people’s behavior reduce food waste and contribute to a better world.


At Ljusgårda, we take the concept of outdoor and brings it indoors. By creating a controlled environment indoors where light, air and water always is optimized for the specific plant we can have it grow when we want, as we want, year-round. Therefore, we are able to create constant and scheduled production independent of the weather. Producing high quality plants every day.


Salus mea is a tech company that offers a SaaS that is at the forefront of welfare technology. The company's founder Emanuel Vedefors has for many years had the vision to introduce modern technology in an industry that today uses old and substandard technology. A smart telecare with superpower that strengthens safety and collaboration for good care and close care for citizens, staff and relatives.


Meat from animals raised on grass and herbs. Our animals live in natural habitat. Gröna Gårdar aims to deliver the best meat on the market, both in terms of food quality, animal wellness and ecology. All parts are equally important. Our cycle is based on sustainable meat production where every step is given equal priority, all parts require each other in the circle to be closed. In the same way that the relationship between the different parts of the cycle is necessary, the environmental perspective is also central.


Vitroprobe Analytics 

Vitroprobe Analytics develops biomolecular analysis at the atomic scale to help design new pharmaceutical drugs. The development of new pharmaceuticals is a slow and expensive process. Successful drug design relies on an understanding of how drug candidates interact with their
targets in the body. With Vitroprobe’s novel patented technique, drug targets can be examined with unmatched resolution, enabling fine-tuning of new pharmaceuticals. The technology is the result of interdisciplinary research at Chalmers University of Technology.

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EMPE logo.png

EMPE Diagnostics are an interdisciplinary biotechnology company. EMPE develops rapid diagnostic tests for the correct detection of tuberculosis causing bacteria and its drug resistance profiles within 3 h. We help the clinic to start immediate treatment with appropriate antibiotics, even at the resource limited decentralised health care centers, across the world.  


Magma is the leading math application from Sweden. Matteappen enables data driven classrooms while maintaining traditional education practices with handwritten solutions. Teachers get an instant overview of students' progress and the challenges they face, enabling a more individualized approach to math education. Students answers and handwritten solutions are sent to the teacher in real time, placing emphasis on how problems are solved and the communication of mathematics. Magma merges the advantages of digital tools with the strength of traditional educational concepts.


We're here to kick fossil vehicles out of cities (so that people who live and work in them can breathe fresher air and suffer less from noise and congestion). And here's how we do it: we develop software and technology that optimize how vehicles, customers and goods communicate with each other. All this tech-smartness is then wrapped in a neat package with the Bzzt-logo on it. We offer it as a service to people and companies who can use it to transport goods (or themselves) in our small, electric, emission free vehicles. Our service is cheap, smart and sustainable. Just what cities all over the world need.

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Mitt Liv is a social enterprise working for an inclusive society and a labor market that values diversity. Through their mentoring program Mitt Livs Chans they annually support around 1000 individuals with a foreign background and post-secondary education, who is missing a job in Sweden equivalent to their skills. Mitt Liv also offer consulting services, focusing on supporting companies and organizations in their diversity and inclusion efforts


Change Collective offers proven processes and methods for increasing business development through their most important resource – their employees. We help businesses decrease direct and indirect costs connected to employees suffering from domestic violence. Above all we help employees to improve their living conditions. Change Collective has developed methods and we offer to address the effects of domestic violence on the workplace. Together with  customers and our network, we own a unique position and knowledge about domestic violence and how to handle its effects in the workplace. 

Building low-cost, disaster resilient houses for poor families in Nepal. Millions of people in Nepal live in poor, unsanitary houses and temporary shelters. Build up Nepal engineering support local entrepreneurs to start micro-construction companies in their own village. We teach them to produce CSEB (Compressed Stabilized Earth Bricks) and build earthquake resistant houses at roughly 30% lower cost than traditional materials.  To date we have supported 250 entrepreneurs to build 4500 houses for poor families in Nepal.

Kheyti's low-cost greenhouses bundled with services help small farmers battle climate change, grow 7x food, use 90% less water and to earn $100 per month based on 2 hours of work a day. 

Panama Ecosystem Restoration Project

Jaguar Falls provide land that produces clear water every day of the year. There are trees growing and we intend to keep this valley safe in the future. Friends and allies who work with us, help us to make this dream come true so that this forest is also a resource for neighbors, for Panama, for the world, and the jaguar. Anything is possible when we collaborate on the shared vision of preserving large swaths of nature and restoring the eco-habitats.

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