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Sätila Holding has its roots in a textile company founded in 1896 by Johannes Nilsson från the small Swedish village of Sätila. Today the company is run by the third and fourth generation. Sätila of Sweden became known in the mid 1970's for producing the "Stenmark cap" which Ingemar Stenmark made world famous through his remarkable achievements in downhill skiing. When the company leased a former factory space in Tranemo to the municipality's library in the 1980s, a new chapter in the company's history began. The textile production in the company remains, but today Sätila Holding is primarily a real estate company with properties in Stockholm, Gothenburg, London and Los Angeles.

The business has an extensive social commitment, including Sätila Foundation. The foundation invests to enhance the quality of life to people by supporting organizations that promote democracy and freedom of speech, fights poverty, exclusion and oppression.

Sätila Impact Investment AB (svb) is a subsidiary to Sätila Holding focusing, since 2008, on impact investments and has a special dividend limit (svb). Fundamental to the business is that it exists for a higher purpose than to provide dividends to the shareholders. The special rules ensure that the profit mainly remains in the company for new investments.


Our investments shall create positive changes that are effective and measurable. Our long-term goal is a better and sustainable world overall.

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